Stratford Thunderbirds Netball Club
Stratford Thunderbirds Netball Club


I love Thunderbirds, since joining my friends and I have better joined up skills when playing matches.  Kelly is fun and firm in training and we learn so much, it's great.  Zara (U9)

I love Thunderbirds because all of the girls are so friendly.  Everyone gets on really well and all the coaches are lovely, especially Kelly! Kelly is very thoughtful of the girls feelings and makes sure everyone is happy.  She is a great coach and helps you improve very quickly.  One of the best things about the club is how quickly it helps you improve your netball.  I love being part of the club and I am very proud of it.  Evie (U11)

I love Thunderbirds for many reasons! But I mainly love it because I get to see people who I don't see everyday and who are in a variety of different age groups.  Also, they make me laugh a lot!  On Tuesday I go to Thunderbirds training with year fives and sixes and some year sevens.  I enjoy this because I really get pushed so that I can achieve my personal best and I learn a lot from being there.  Finally and most importantly, I would like to tell you about my coach; Kelly.  She is really inspirational because she really wants to share her love of netball with everyone.  And believe me she has!  To add to this she always wants everyone to have court time and makes sure everyone gets to play for Thunderbirds.  I will do anything for Thunderbirds, it means a lot to me.  Lucy (U11)  

Thunderbirds is fun with all my friends and I get to try lots of positions on the court.  Alannah (U9)

Playing with Thunderbirds is like playing for a real team.  You have to play your best and work your way up through the teams but we still have lots of fun! Tabi (U11)

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